Happy Thanksgiving from The Korbel Report

As many of our readers from the United States prepare to tuck into a turkey dinner with family and friends, the editors of The Korbel Report would like to express our immense thanks to our wonderful staff and readers. The Korbel Report began as a series of e-mails among friends, wondering what we could do to continue pursuing the type of in-depth research we did while students at the Korbel School of International Studies. When we created the blog, we assumed that a handful of our colleagues (and maybe our mothers) would read what we wrote here. Since we launched The Korbel Report in July 2013, we’ve shared over 65 posts, have over 300 followers on our Facebook page, and have readers from over 100 different countries. We couldn’t have done that without the support of our dedicated readers, and for that, we thank you.

The second group we must thank is our excellent staff of writers and contributors. Without you, The Korbel Report wouldn’t have the informative, timely content that has garnered a faithful group of readers. We have learned so much from your posts, and look forward to your future contributions. Often it is the best reading we do all week. It is simultaneously intimidating, humbling, and reassuring to call people who possess this dangerous combination of passion and intelligence our colleagues.

Lastly, we must give thanks to the institution that provided the foundation for this blog. Without an environment to foster our skills and develop into practical optimists, none of this could exist. And for all the foreign policy-obssessed, remember that if somebody mentions turkey or curds this Thanksgiving, they’re likely referencing foods.


Derek, Morgan, and Xian



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