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Welcome to The Korbel Report

Welcome to The Korbel Report, a blog by Masters graduates of the Josef Korbel School of International Studies at the University of Denver. We are a diverse group of people with many different perspectives and opinions on world affairs. We are human rights campaigners, security analysts, scholars, journalists, and people that just want to make a difference. Even our choices of second (or third) languages are very likely to be widely variant. What binds us is that we are interested. Over the past two years, there simply has not been a single international issue of significance that we did not find ourselves debating and dissecting with each other. This blog aims to continue that experience. Hopefully it produces some thought-provoking and interesting reading along the way.

Below are our priorities for this blog, not necessarily in order of importance:

  1. An open discussion of world issues: The basic idea is that this blog gives us a chance to think aloud and become better practitioners of our chosen field. We will not claim to be experts in any given area-there are many blogs by people much more renowned-but we will endeavor to use our expertise to write timely and informative material. The sky is really the limit here, unless somebody posts about space policy. We will cover the unfamiliar, such as electoral politics in Papua New Guinea; the familiar, such as the Syrian conflict; the contemporary, such as analysis of the recent ousting of President Morsi in Egypt; and the more long-term, such as global programs to combat the rising rates of non-communicable disease. We encourage engagement from readers to keep the discussion going.
  2. An update on Korbel students’ work: Post-graduation we once again have found ourselves scattered across the world, whether by choice or deportation. As we’ve come to appreciate, there is no better way to intimately understand a situation than to be absorbed in it. Here we hope to hit the proverbial two birds. On the one hand we would like to write reports about the issues that we are addressing, while simultaneously demonstrating the kind of careers that Korbel graduates lead.
  3. A chance to be nerdy: While we will aim to be informative, this blog will not be entirely straight-laced. We want this blog to be something that people enjoy reading and we enjoy writing. Expect puns. And maybe a .gif or two.

These are not static priorities and they may change as the blog progresses. Of course, reader feedback is much appreciated in helping to make this successful. Thank you for reading, come back often, and Go Pioneers.

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