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Unleash the dogs? Considerations about US action in Syria


As of this post being written, the Obama Administration has not yet given authorization to push the buttons, turn the keys, or light any comically long fuses required to launch strikes on Bashir Al-Assad’s regime in Syria. A last minute play to include Congress in the process means that it is unlikely to see strikes begin until after Congress comes back in session on September 9th. However it seems that, in this town at least, it’s a forgone conclusion that it’s not if Tomahawk (TLAM) missiles start dropping on Syrian bunkers, but when. As recently as last weekend, the National Security Council discussion vis-a-vis a response to chemical weapon (CW) use in Syria was solely¬†focused on what type of military intervention should take place. With the administration set on acting (barring any Congressional inaction), and spending time gauging the appropriate amount of force to use, debate has broken out across the foreign policy landscape. This is my addition to the debate, an argument against intervening in the Syria Civil War.¬†There are really three broad questions to ask.

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