The Josef Korbel School

Founded in 1964, the Josef Korbel School of International Studies at the University of Denver is a leading academic institution for students of foreign affairs, ranked #11 in the world for graduate programs in international studies. The school ranks #1 on the Peace Corps’ List of Top Paul D. Coverdell Fellows Programs, with 56 returned Peace Corps volunteers enrolled as students. With an emphasis on theory and practice, the school offers an innovative and multi-disciplinary curriculum that encourages its graduates to become analytical “practical idealists.”

The school offers 6 MA degree programs:

  • Administration
  • Development
  • Global Finance, Trade and Economic Integration
  • Human Rights
  • International Studies
  • Security

Concurrently, students can pursue one of the three graduate certificate programs, in global health affairs, homeland security, or humanitarian assistance. The school also offers BA and Ph. D programs. For additional information about this institution, we welcome you to its home page.

Josef Korbel was the founding Dean and former professor at the school. After serving an influential career as a Czechoslovak diplomat and political scientist, he took political asylum in the US, and began teaching in Denver in 1949. He is well-known for being associated with two female Secretaries of State. As her teacher, Prof. Korbel sparked an interest in international relations in young Condoleezza Rice, who went on to become the Secretary of State. Rice was the 2nd female Secretary of State, second only to Madeleine Albright, Korbel’s daughter.